Monday 4th June

It’s now less than 6 weeks to our Regional Applied Improv Conference: Thriving In Uncertainty. Here’s the latest news.

Great line-up of local and international applied improv experts
Our aim was to bring you the best of the best, and we think we’re on track. Aussie improvisors leading workshops include Patti Stiles, Lynne Cazaly, Nick Byrne, Mike Askew, Cindy Tonkin, Mike McEvoy, Nick Papas and more. From overseas we have Andrew McMasters from Seattle, and Jill Bernard, from Minneapolis, USA, and Johnnie Moore from the UK. We have delegates from all over Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong. Woop.

It’s not just about the workshop leaders
It’s also about you, the participants, bringing your experiences,  your questions, and your ideas. After all, we’re making this conference experience as interactive and relevant as possible. We have Mike Askew from Monash University focusing on the role of improv in education, and Steve Goudswaard from World Vision International, on the role improv has played in preparing their staff to respond in emergencies and natural disasters. What’s your focus going to be, I wonder?

Action research – another bonus
The conference is also partnering with a researcher to explore  this research question: “What is it about the embodied experience of applied improvisation that has the potential to be transformative, and how can we enable organisations to embed this learning into their work culture?” Stay tuned for more info on this.

The Impro Expo: 5 – 7 pm Thursday July 12th
Is this really the first time that Melbourne Improv performers from different groups have been showcased on the same stage at the same event? Curated and hosted by Melbourne Playback Theatre Company, this is going to be a fabulous line-up of some of the very best in improvised performances. Bring your friends. Tickets are available for $25 from here. 

I can’t come this year. Maybe I’ll come next year.
Sorry, but this is the one and only. There will be other international applied improv conferences in North America and Europe, but this is the only one planned for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Bed sharing
You know what I mean! If you want to share a room with someone to save costs then put it up there for the rest of us to see on the website. Kay Ross has started the ball rolling here. 

If you really want to get stuck into improv, then Improvention is just the ticket. It’s a week-long celebration of improv in Canberra with workshops, discussions, shows, partying and shenanigans galore. A great warm-up to our conference 🙂 More info here 

When there’s never enough applied improv
And, don’t forget the AIN World Conference in San Francisco, September 20 – 24. Info here. 

Skeptical friends and colleagues?
If people look at you strangely when you mention applied improv, or your boss can’t see the relevance, or you’re not entirely convinced yourself, here’s a bit of reading:

Unpacking applied improv: a Q and A post for the uninitiated

“Improvisation may be the key to successfully managing change” Research by MIT

Improvisation “helps generate new ideas and new ways of doing things”, according to creativity expert Robert Epstein at CNN

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