Attracting business to applied improv

ImageWhen I mention to friends that I’m organising a conference, they’re interested – until I mention applied improv. And then their eyes glaze over (unless of course they are already improvvy types, and then they get over-excited!)

My point is that applied improv doesn’t seem to be a term that business people can relate to. I’ve started talking about thriving in uncertainty. That seems to get people’s attention. So I’ve created a companion website. It says much the same thing but with a slightly different emphasis.

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How businesses, organisations and communities can thrive in uncertainty

The ability to improvise is a new edge in organisational effectiveness and leadership. 

Join improvisation experts and business innovators from Australia and overseas to learn the secrets of improvisation and how to apply these techniques to your business or organisation. 

No acting skill whatsoever is required. A willingness to try new ideas and challenge convention will be richly rewarded.

Applied improvisation is a key driver for business success during times of uncertainty and change. Today’s successful workplace uses new approaches and thinking, and its people have the ability to develop and maintain relationships, are creative with limited resources, create new stories for our future, successfully collaborate, and are agile and responsive. 

It’s not enough to just bring our brains to work. We need to access and apply our whole intelligence to problem-solving, creativity and innovation, especially in the face of global and local social and environmental issues.

The skills, techniques and principles that enable improvisors to work together on the stage to create a performance without a script are easily learned and can be adapted for most business situations. Improvisation could give you and your business or organisation the edge you’re looking for.

This event is for leaders, executives and managers, entrepeneurs, learning and development facilitators, trainers and educators, OD and HR practitioners, consultants, coaches and anyone who wants to bring more spontaneity, creativity, agilty and playfulness to their work or practice, for themselves and others.

We’ll offer you an experience to remember – and importantly, lots of ideas and tools to use. You’ll play, discover, learn, connect, be challenged and inspired.

This two-day event, hosted by Beyond the Edge, Melbourne Playback Theatre Company and the Applied Improvisation Network, will be held in Richmond, Melbourne at the Amora Riverwalk Hotel on July 12th and 13th, 2012.