What is the applied Improvisation Network (AIN)?
It’s a community of practitioners who value using improvisation skills beyond the theatre – mainly in businesses, organisations, schools, and communities. AIN was founded in 2002.

Who are members of the network?
The network currently has 1900+ members, including consultants, managers, trainers, coaches, facilitators, performers and academics. Membership is by participation.

How does AIN work?
AIN operates entirely by the efforts of its members. We apply improvisational principles to our own activities. Somebody initiates something and if others decide to join in, then it builds. We follow the energy. All contributions to enhancing AIN are voluntary, and anyone can join in and contribute.

What’s an AIN Conference?
There’s an annual AIN Conference in North America or Europe. It brings together practitioners to share ideas and approaches to taking improv to the world. The next world-wide conference will be in San Francisco, 20 – 23 September 2012.

Where can I get more information?
You can visit the AIN website.

Who’s behind AIN Downunder?

Viv McWaters
Director and owner of Beyond the Edge, Viv McWaters, creates events that enable people to connect in more human ways. Working with colleagues across the globe, she does event design, facilitation and training with an edge and a particular emphasis on creativity, spontaneity and responsiveness.

Melbourne Playback Theatre Company
For over 30 years Melbourne Playback Theatre Company has assisted some of Australia’s leading executives, top trainees and corporate teams to develop key business skills, including self-awareness, leadership and team work. Corporate training programs utilise the playback theatre form to endorse innovative thinking, active listening, emotional intelligence and creativity that assist in creating cohesive teams, change management and re-energising personnel at all levels.

Geoff Brown
Geoff is the owner of Tangent Consulting. He creates an environment at events where people can have meaningful conversations and engage with each other more fully. As a facilitator he responds to what is happening in the group rather than relying on a plan. The principles of improv are at the core of his practice. Geoff does process design, group facilitation and training in visual communications.

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  1. cool Viv and Geoff! Thanks for organising this. I’ll be in it! I promise to wear something in a kind of rusty grunge style, accept all offers, be average and smile a lot… at all other times I will improvise! Looking forward to it 🙂

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