More minds = opening up

We sat around a table at Hub Melbourne this morning to talk about an Applied Improv Conference for Melbourne next year. Thanks to Ian David from Melbourne Playback Theatre Company, Andrew Rixon from Babelfish Group and Sascha Rixon from Melbourne Uni for showing up – and also to all of you who couldn’t be there in person and sent good vibes anyway.

We talked about how an applied improv conference might differ from an improv conference – relevant because the week before this event, improvisors and performers from across Australia and the world will gather in chilly, warm-hearted Canberra for Improvention – a festival of improv workshops, performances and much more, for improvisors, by improvisors.

We also talked about how this Regional AIN (Applied Improvisation Network) Conference might differ from those hosted in Europe and North America (next year’s world AIN Conference will be in San Francisco 20 – 23 September). After all, we’re about building on offers, moving the action forward and making our partners look good!

I’ve said elsewhere on this site that applied improv is about taking improv out of the theatre and into the world. We reinforced, and built, on that idea by exploring that an improv conference is not targeted at improvisors/performers per se – the target audience are those people who could benefit from improvisation principles and application in their work: accountants, lawyers, social entrepreneurs, those working in health and education, businesses.

Applied improv is about filling the creativity gap, learning how to develop relationships with clients and co-workers (especially in industries that are very procedures focused), confidence and skills in being in front of an audience, enhancing communication and building agility to respond in the face of uncertainty. And creating a thirst for more – to learn more about improvisation, and all its applications.

What do you think?

I’ll be contacting some people who could be draw cards to such audiences. I’ll be putting together a business case to try and attract a partnering organisation. And I’ll be taking a big breath, before showing up, letting go and and jumping in.

If you have any suggestions or comments please email me viv at mcwaters dot com dot au or leave a comment below.

Proposed dates: Thursday 12th and Friday 13th July 2012

Oh, and we also threw about ideas for a name:

  • Improv Transfer
  • Spontaneous and Able
  • Notice. Create. Commit.

4 responses to “More minds = opening up

  1. I’ve been doing workshops at TAFEs across Victoria this week and am HIGHLY recommending improv for teachers who are faced with lots of change and complexity as they move some of their teaching online. I hope you have MANY teachers!

  2. Thanks Nancy. It would be awesome to help teachers tackle those wicked problems they face with some improv skills. And it would be great to hear from teachers already using improv. Are there any out there?

    • Well, I had no one mention they are using improv in the 18 workshops I gave, so the potential is HUGE! When you have more details, let me know and I’ll send them to all my TAFE contacts. I think it would be brilliant to have a ton of them participate!

      • 18 workshops! Yikes! Hope you are resting now 🙂

        I’m finalising registration details now, so will send you more info shortly. I agree, it would be brilliant to have a heap of people from TAFEs.

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