Applying improv

We’re passionate about improvisation, improv, impro – no matter what you call it, we believe the world could be a better place if we applied the principles of improv to – well, anything really.

Since 2002 there’s been an annual conference in North America or Europe that brings together people like us who want to use improv in our work and apply what we know about improv to the world at large, particularly in businesses, organisations, schools and communities.

We know that there’s many people like us in Australia and New Zealand who want to share our experiences and knowledge, play together, challenge and learn from each other. And who knows, we might even attract some folk from elsewhere too!

Interested? Have questions? Want to attend? Want to perform? Just want to stay in touch?

2 responses to “Applying improv

  1. Hello – I’m Kay, an Aussie (from Adelaide) in Hong Kong. I’m a member of an English-language improv troupe here called People’s Liberation Improv (see We participated in improv festivals in Hong Kong in March 2011, Beijing in April, and Seoul in May. Then in June we presented a public workshop titled “Life in An Improvisation Game”, about how to apply the principles of improv to life and business – 50 people attended, and they loved it! So I’d love to attend your event in Melbourne in 2012 (I’ll tell my team-mates here about it).

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